Overview of Solerno Board Meeting on 9/26/18

1)  Four out of five HOA board members were in attendance or on the phone.  Four residents from the community were in attendance.
2)  Review and approval of Board administrative matters.
3)  Approval of electronic voting for our community.
    – The Annual Meeting is October 23, 2018.
    – Residents need to opt-in by completing the GREEN form and return to Fairway Mgmt.
    – Two board member positions are expiring.  Mrs. Karen Park has expressed a desire to run for re-election.
4)   Presentation to the HOA board by the Landscaping Committee.
     – Partnership with Brightview is going well.
     – The landscape renovation of the Tavistock roundabout was approved.
     – The HOA board requested that the Landscaping Committee review several enhancement projects for Indigo Crossing.
5)  Review of the DRAFT HOA budget for 2019.
6)  Solerno Yard Sale date was approved for 11/03/18, with the time extended to 1:00 p.m.

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